Gakuru alias “Uncle”

Gakuru alias “Uncle”




Manual Worker 


August 23, 2020 


Makadara Sub – County, Nairobi 



On August 23, 2020, around 10pm, police officers from Industrial Police Station killed 8 men who all were manual workers from Nairobi’s Sinai slums.

Reports indicate that one of the deceased named Gakuru alias “Uncle”, contracted the 7 other men to help him load his lorry with goods. Moses Kafu, a 35-year old mason, was of the men that Gakuru contracted.

The 8 men loaded metals in the lorry for approximately 2 hours at Sihra Coffee Machinery go-down in Industrial Area. According to reports, at approximately 10pm officers from Lunga Lunga police post stormed in the building and shot and killed the 8 men.

Police justified their use of force by stating the men were engaging in a robbery and exchanged gunfire when the officers demanded them to surrender.

Residents from Sinai dispute this claim.

IPOA is currently investigating to establish if the police were justified in using lethal force.

N.B Missing Voices has not been able to verify the circumstances of the deaths

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