Anthony Njehu

Anthony Njehu




Boda Boda Operator and Livestock Breeder


April 5, 2020 


Kiamiako, Nairobi



Anthony Njehu’s family and friends shared that he liked to spend his time with his friends in Kiamaiko watching football, and catching up on political affairs. He loved Reggae music and bike riding. He also talked passionately about the young people’s struggles against poverty and political marginalisation. His community friends from Matagaldo in Kiamaiko, shared that he was a member to a group that reared pigs and chicken as a communal business.

On 5th April 2020, Anthony was abducted by people in civilian clothing, carrying guns and handcuffs. Anthony’s body was found 14days later  at Kijabe Mortuary. Records at the morgue indicated that he had been dropped by an unknown person and registered as an unknown person. The postmortem report revealed that he had died as a result of torture. The doctor indicated in his report report that he suspected the result of his death as murder.

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