Erick Ng’ethe




Bar Accountant


April 1, 2020 


Diani, Kwale



Erick Ng’ethe was a 23-year-old, who came from a large family where he was the 15th born. Ng’ethe worked as an accountant for the Nile Pub and Restaurant in Diani and had missed a few days of work during the first week of the curfew. On April 1st, he was not in a financial position to miss any more days so he proceeded to go to work. MUHURI reported that around 9pm, police officers attempted to raid the bar but main door was locked. The officers broke part of the roof and lobbed tear gas canisters inside forcing Ng’ethe to open the door. The police began physically assaulting customers who were inside. Ng’ethe was chocking on tear gas, crawling on the floor when an officer pounded his head with a club.  The police officers took him with them when they left. According to sources, upon realising Ng’ethe had succumbed to his injuries the police officers attempted to drop his body back at Nile Pub, but they found it was locked. They proceeded to drop it off at Kwale Morgue. When MUHURI accompanied the family members to the morgue they discovered his body with blood all over it and a great depression in the back of his head. Police officers had booked him under “unknown” and stated they found his body on the road. However, this narrative has been refuted by many witnesses. The case is currently under investigation.

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