Calvince Omondi




Motorcycle Taxi Driver


March 27, 2020


Homa Bay



On March 27, 2020, 26 year old boda-boda rider, Calvince Omondi, was on his way back from taking a customer from Oyugis to Kendu. On his way home, Omondi met a group of police officers from Kosele Police Station. According to Omondi’s father, the officers stopped Omondi at Kosele trading centre and beat him unconscious because he was operating outside curfew hours. The officers then brought him to the hospital. Omondi’s father described to the media how he found his son unconscious and how he remained speechless for 2-days until he died on Sunday morning. Since the incident, IPOA has sent out its Rapid Response Team to investigate the case.

Omondi’s father spoke of how his son left behind a wife and child. Since Omondi was the breadwinner of the family, the family is left in emotional and financial pain. Omondi’s family is left wondering why the police officer used excessive force when they could have just arrested him.

N.B. The National Police Service has denied any involvement in causing Omondi’s death. 

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